Arctic scienceArctic science

This section explains the significance of Arctic research and the role of UK scientists. It shows the importance of the work of the UK Research Station on the Svalbad Archipelago in Northern Norway. The impact of pollutants on both people and ecosystems in the Arctic is described.

Aaju (link to movie)Listen to Aaju

Every scientist who works in the Svalbard has to enrol on a rifle training course!

pole positionPole position

IPY 2007-2009What do you know about Arctic Research?


cool runningGoing further

Northern LightsDiscover the secrets of the northern lights!
Serious ScienceResearch in the Svalbard Archipelago in Northern Norway
On thin iceThe thickness and area of summer sea ice is shrinking dramatically...
Science challengeThe Arctic is a wild, remote sparsely populated region, with little industry. Nevertheless pollution is a threat to the indigenous population and wildlife

Polar pitstopPolar pitstop

PlenaryDesign a poster for a campaign about Arctic pollution

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