Climate change

Arctic timeline

Draw a timeline to show what has happened to the Arctic since 1900. Find some notable dates from this section, and from elsewhere on the site. The main points to plot are:

  • 1906 Roald Amundson in a ship called the Gjoa becomes the first person to sail through the Northwest Passage
  • 1970 Rasmus makes his hunting trip
  • 1980 Moriussaq has a population of 80
  • 1990 Canadian Arctic regions govern themselves
  • 2005 Aviaq, a subsistence hunter gets his first mobile phone
  • 2010 Moriussaq has a population of 4

How many of these developments will have contributed to climate change? How many have been caused by climate change?

Explain why these are important to the development of the Arctic and the people who live there.


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