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A selection of activities from Discovering the Arctic.

Ice retreat

Learn about predicted ice retreat at the Inglefield Bredning fjord in Greenland.

Walking on snow

Learn about how Arctic species walk on the snow without getting cold feet!

Barnacle geese

Take a look at (and listen to) barnacle geese, who migrate from the Arctic to the UK every year.

Feedback mechanisms

Information about predictions for Arctic sea ice, and some of the feedback mechanisms that play a part in determining its extent.

A Fine Balance

In this activity, balance positive and negative aspects of Arctic tourism.

Fabled Passage

There are thousands of islands off the north coast of Canada. From November through to May, the waterways between them are choked with sea ice. In this activity, answer seven questions hidden on these islands to find your way through the North West passage.

Svalbard Science

Use this interactive map to find out about Svalbard, one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas and a popular destination for Arctic scientists.

Arctic States

Can you match the flags to the Arctic states in this activity?

Arctic Climate Challenge

Throw the dice to investigate some of the ways the Arctic could be affected by climate change, both good and bad.

Northern Lights

Interactive quiz – how much do you know about the Northern lights?