A Dynamic Environment

A visually compelling film which showcases the global impact and ambition of the United Kingdom’s Arctic science community.

A Dynamic Future

High quality world class research developing the next generation of Arctic leaders enabling world class ambitious partnerships through the use of innovative resources to deliver in this most dynamic part of the globe.

Dynamic Research

The United Kingdom has a proud history of research highlighting the importance of advancing changing knowledge of the importance of environmental, geophysical and socio-economic factors in this most dynamic part of the globe.

Thule hunter

Thule hunter was born in the world’s most northern municipality of Qaanaaq, Greenland. He knows only one way of living. But his traditions, like those of the Arctic are rapidly changing.

Dynamic Tools and Infrastructure

It is vital that researchers are deployed safely, and new systems are constantly being deployed – such as the RSS Sir David Attenborough, CryoSat 2, autonomous vehicles and computer modelling – to understand the past and predict the future.

Dynamic Partnerships and Communities

The biggest and most difficult of the questions in the Arctic are still not fully understood. To get the answers there needs to be partnership between the Arctic States, the people who live there, and beyond.

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