Living at 77° N

The Inuit people who live in Qaanaaq find it difficult to leave the area due to the costs and distances involved. Their lives can be affected by external factors from the outside world.

Life at 77° N is changing fast. Amongst the changes are increased tourism, retreating glaciers and increasing connections with the rest of the world.

Tourists on the beach, Greenland
Tourists arriving from an expedition cruise ship
Qaanaaq glacier
Qaanaaq glacier is retreating at the rate of 50cms a year
The road to Qaanaaq Airport
The road to Qaanaaq airport. The road is sometimes eroded by water from the melting glacier.
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School life

  • What will the impact of these developments be on the life of a 16 year old student from Avanersuup Atuarfia, The most northerly city school in Greenland? Will they be the same for both boys and girls?
  • Download the Living in the Arctic Powerpoint for more information.
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Aaju talks about surviving in the Arctic.